Gemini Code - AI Assist Coding

Gemini Code

Create HTML, CSS, JS blogs on the fly. Code python, C, C++ and more. Setup to run MathJax for mathmatical representation and reseach.
Chat autosave and easy code copy buttons.

Summarize AI - News AI Search

AI powered news summaries for quick trend following. Download news in JSON or CSV for deep research. Create a one page news article with links to the most relavent topics.

Crypto Radius - ML Predictions

Crypto Radius

Real-time cryptocurrency market data dashboard, machine learning predictions, and news sentiment insights from over 80,000+ sources.

Cohere - AI Web Search


Cohere AI chat with web search and source links after the response. Streaming output for fast conversations. Download chat responses.

LOGO AI - Automated Designs

LOGO AI - Dream it. Describe it. LOGO AI Designs it!

Dream it. Describe it. LOGO AI Designs it!

Parrot Report - Dall-E Satire News

Parrot Pete

Daily satirical news headlines recreated in Dall-e. Automatically ran on Bing and showcases the transition from Dall-e 2 to Dall-e 3 from August to Oct 2023.

Gemini Play - Fun With Words


Play games with Gemini. Emoji, Guess That Movie, Name That Song and Word Builder.

Jobbie - Your Career Companion

Jobbie - Your Career Companion

Connect with your dream job through AI-powered matching. Jobbie - Your Career Companion.