Parrot Pete on the Beat


October 24 2023

California is considering legislating against fake grass out of an abundance of caution about PFAS. Bad grass could greatly harm you. Mr. T. Dude was quoted as saying, "Yeah, well, that

October 23 2023

Always the last place you look: Woman with Alzheimer

October 22 2023

Last year: millennials are a lost generation that will never own homes. This year: millennials are the new boomers.. Farkers still broke and blaming others regardless of generation

October 21 2023

If you get in an argument with your Uber driver, at least wait for them to get off the freeway before exiting the car

October 20 2023

Photoshop this hallway

October 19 2023

Nobel Laureate Louise Gl├╝ck moves between two worlds

October 07 2023

Photoshop this elaborate thing

October 06 2023

Legendary Chicago Bear, commercial pitchman, actor and name-haver Dick Butkus has died at the age of 80

October 05 2023

Frightening was sitting through Alfred Hitchcock

October 04 2023

Photoshop these dancing silhouettes

October 03 2023

Old & stale: road rage. New hotness: EV charge rage

October 02 2023

Ukrainian officers capture Russian tank. Not news: The tank starts malfunctioning. Fark: They call Russian tech support to see if they can coax them into helping. Ultra-Fark: Russian tech support helps fixing the problem

October 01 2023

Home ownership in Canada on track to become more affordable, around the same time that stable fusion energy hits world markets

September 30 2023

Drone operator captures wild video of a shark chasing hundreds of stingrays off Florida coast

September 29 2023

Forty-seven. Is it how many ronin you have? Nah. Is it the age when you get a Swedish massage? No. Is it when you develop a liking for Swedish meatballs? Nope. 42+5? We

September 28 2023

Trucks score two more points against the Lyndonville Bridges bringing their total to six

September 27 2023

Definition of Florida Man: "He also appeared to be smoking something as well"

September 26 2023

Photoshop these peeping prosthetics

September 25 2023

Litter crew members win prizes for strangest items collected which included cremains and strange 5.25" flat, fabric lined envelope with a flexible

September 24 2023

For the love of God, NEVER test out Halloween masks at the store, let alone Spirit Halloween. Sick and Obvious tags swimming in a Petri dish somewhere, only one is floating up

September 23 2023

Photoshop these time keepers

September 22 2023

New house, poorly grounded

September 21 2023

Bring cherries. Repeat, cherries

September 20 2023

Lulu Lemon hit by car. Suspects to receive long stretch in jail. On-site security guard proven to be poser

September 19 2023

Photoshop these skeletons

September 18 2023

Good Fellas auto seller has operating license revoked for rolling odometers back, laughing suspiciously hard at Joe Pesci

September 17 2023

Bear rescued from theme park

September 16 2023

Even the manatees don

September 15 2023

Photoshop this serious surfer

September 14 2023

Police storm street after prank

September 13 2023


September 12 2023

Photoshop this abandoned plant

September 11 2023

Photoshop this modern art masterpiece

September 10 2023

September 09 2023

Photoshop these pyramids

September 08 2023

Photoshop this groovy geyser

September 07 2023

Photoshop this chocolate kiss

September 06 2023

While most of the nation has been having record heat, Southern California is staying cool and welcoming your sweaty middle-finger salutes

September 05 2023

Dye-dropping drone discoloring pools

September 04 2023

Hagar the Horrible Avaitor

September 03 2023


September 02 2023

Photoshop this frilly umbrella drink

September 01 2023

Photoshop this flying car

August 31 2023

Roman temple discovered on supermarket building site, also there

August 30 2023

Photoshop this French cafe

August 29 2023

Photoshop this formal family

August 28 2023

On Wednesday, October 4 at 2:20 p.m. ET, a distinctive, jarring electronic tone will blare out causing 331 million people to poop their pants

August 27 2023

Girl who wrote message in a bottle and threw it into the sea says she did it because she

August 26 2023

United States Geological Survey says that BOOM you heard never happened. Maybe it was more of a THUD

August 25 2023

On this day in history, in 1875, Captain Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel, which probably wouldn

August 24 2023

Photoshop this fish thrower

August 23 2023

Photoshop this happy rivet heater

August 22 2023

Photoshop these doggos guarding the bed

August 21 2023

Diving platform collapse injured several at water park in Rust. Alec Baldwin questioned about wetsuit and hacksaw

August 20 2023

Man in charge of rebuilding Notre-Dame dies unexpectedly, but they could still go 11-1 despite Ohio State buzzsaw and potential trap game against Pitt

August 19 2023

Photoshop this marbleman

August 18 2023

Photoshop these four florae

August 17 2023

Menacing stray cattle could be resolved by owners selling their urine and dung, reducing udder chaos

August 16 2023

Day 538 of WW3: Zelensky vows "completely fair retaliation" after deadly Russian shelling. His remarks come as Moscow officials report multiple Ukrainian shelling and drone attacks on Russian territory. It

August 15 2023

Photoshop this beginning swimmer

August 14 2023

Photoshop this bogland pyramid