Parrot Pete on the Beat


Hey there! Welcome to the Parrot Report. 🦜

Here's how it works: Every day, our smart parrot Pete flies around the internet and finds the funniest news headlines from places like Fark, The Onion, and Hard Times. He then takes a picture related to the headline and shows it right here for you to see and laugh! 😂

It's like magic, but it's just Pete doing his thing. If you want to share a funny headline with your friends, just click on the share buttons below the picture. Easy peasy!

Why Does Parrot Pete Show Up? 🤔

Hello Parrot Pete

"Mysterious UFO Spotted in the Sky!"

🌟 Sometimes, news headlines talk about things that might be a little sensitive or serious. When that happens, our friendly parrot, Parrot Pete 🦜, flies in to bring a smile to your face! He's like a superhero who makes sure you always have a friend when reading the news. So, if you ever see him next to a headline, just remember: he's there to make your day a bit brighter! 😄

Parrot Pete On The Beat!